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Comsats University is a public sector University established in 2000 with its head branch in Islamabad. COMSATS have many other branches in different cities of Pakistan. Other branches are in the following cities:-

  • Lahore
  • Abbottabad
  • Wah
  • Attock
  • Sahiwal
  • Vehari

COMSATS is considered one of the best universities in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students are enrolled in the university and many students from abroad are also enrolled in the University. CU was ranked among top 250 Asian Universities in the year 2014. COMSATS has earned respectful name in every field. The University provides a variety of BS programs for the students under a very well disciplined and competitive environment.

Pakprep.com provides all relevant material for the preparation of COMSATS entry test. We have more than 15000 solved MCQ’s along with explanation, past papers, MOCK test and smart analytics. We also keep track of all your tests conducted so that you can analyze your situation in better way. Pakprep.com keeps separate log for all your mistakes so that you can go through them just before entry test and don’t repeat them. To prepare yourself with pakprep.com please CLICK HERE.

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COMSATS was established in 1998 and it is the fastest growing research based institute in Pakistan. COMSATS offer wide range of under graduate programs to its applicants. COMSATS is ranked among top universities of Pakistan and also ranked in top 250 universities of Asia. Their main campus is in Islamabad, due to their quality of education they have earned good name in very short time. Their main focus is to provide quality education to their students so that’s why their fee structure is also high, they also offer many scholarships to students which also includes need based scholarship for needy students. Their eligibility criteria is not so high only 60% marks are required in FSc to get eligible for COMSATS.

Pakprep.com provide all relevant material to prepare for all medical and engineering universities of Pakistan. Pakprep.com is equipped with more than 15000 solved MCQ’s along with their explanations. We also facilitates our students with past papers of major medical and engineering universities. MOCK test is another very useful feature of Pakprep which help students to analyze their position in a better way. To start your preparation with Pakprep.com please CLICK HERE.

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FAST is also known as National University of Computer and Engineering Sciences. FAST is very well known engineering university operating in Islamabad. FAST has earned very good name among engineering universities of Pakistan in very short time just because of their hard work and dedication. Use of any electronic device in FAST entry test is prohibited and time allowed for entry test is two hours. In some sections they also have negative marking and mostly their entry test consists of MCQ’s. Every year many students apply for FAST entry test but very limited can go through because of high competition and difficulty of test. Students should prepare themselves properly if they want to secure admission.

Pakprep.com provides complete solution for the preparation of FAST entry test. Pakprep.com is equipped with 15000 quality MCQ’s which are solved and also with their explanation. We also provide facility of MOCK test and smart analytics, which help our students to analyze their situation in a better way. We have more than 500 successful students from last year. To start your preparation for any engineering university please CLICK HERE.

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Pakprep.com has all what you need to get good marks in any medical or engineering entry test in Pakistan. We have more than 15000 solved MCQ’s along with explanations, past papers and MOCK tests. MOCK tests are designed as per university pattern and give you exact result according to the selected university marking procedure. Another very useful feature of Pakprep.com is smart analytics. Smart analytics will help you in tracking your performance in many different ways. You can examine your results anytime you want, it will keep record of your wrong answers so that you can revise them before exam. It will also inform you about your position according to all other people in Pakistan who attempts same test, you can also monitor your performance difficulty wise. We also have past paper of many universities which will help you in understanding paper pattern in better way. To start your preparation today for any medical and engineering test in Pakistan visit below mentioned link;





Some enzymes require the presence of a non-protein molecule to behave catalytically. An enzymes devoid of this molecule is called a (n)

  • Holo enzyme
  • Apo enzyme
  • Co enzyme
  • Zymo enzyme

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Physics Explained MCQ’s for AJK State Entry Test

University of Health and Sciences (UHS) and Joint admission Committee (JAC) is the main body responsible for conducting entry test of MBBS and BDS admissions for Public sector and Private sector medical colleges of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. AJK state entry test for MBBS and BDS admissions will consist of 220 MCQ’s from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. AJK entry test will be distributed as Biology (88) question, Chemistry (58) questions, Physics (44) questions and English (30) questions. Every year thousands of students appear in AJK state entry test from Azad Jammu and Kashmir for limited number of seats available in medical colleges of AJK, which led the competition high and only those students can score good marks whose will clear concepts in detail. AJ&K state entry test is very technical and conceptual so only depth preparation will help students in getting good score.

Pakprep.com have all preparation material which helps students in clearing concept in detail. Our more than 15000+ MCQ’s with answers and explanation will help students in score high marks in AJK entry test. To start your preparation Click here. Here is the sample questions of Physics with explanation for MDCAT test preparation;

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HITEC University Taxila announced Under Graduate Admission for year 2016-17

HITEC University Taxila announced admission dates for under graduate programs for the year 2016. Last date for submission of application form for is 16th August 2016. Test will be help on 20th August 2016. Candidate with 60% un-adjusted marks are eligible to apply. Pakprep.com provides the complete coursework for NTS (NAT-IE) Entry Test. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation.
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How to calculate Aggregate for UHS MCAT

MCAT is a primary test to get admission in public sector Medical colleges in Punjab. There are very limited seats available in public sector Medical colleges. Each year around 45,000 plus students appear for MCAT test.  There are around 3000 seats available in 17 public sector medical colleges in Punjab. So competition is so high students need to work hard to get good aggregate. Pakprep.com provides complete coursework for the preparation of MCAT entry test. Formula for Aggregate calculation sees below;
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Under Graduate Admission Announced By Islamic International University (IIU)

Islamic International University (IIU) has announced it registration date for BS Engineering and applies sciences. Last date to apply for Islamic International is 22nd July 2016. Islamic International is an HEC recognized Higher Education University. The entry test for Islamic International University is not competitive as compare to GIKI,NUST,PIEAS, however to get admission in IIU students should appear and pass the required test. Pakprep.com has complete coursework for the preparation of IIU entry test. Details for test dates given bellow;
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National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (NU)/ FAST Announced Undergraduate Admission 2016

National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST) announced admission dates for under graduate programs. Last date for submission of application form is 30th June 2016. Entry test for FAST University will start from 12th July 2016. Pakprep.com provides the complete coursework for FAST Entry Test. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation. Entry test Format for National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences (FAST) is given below,
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COMSATS INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION Technology Announced Admission dates for Under Graduate Programs

Comsats Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) announced admission dates for under graduate programs. Last date for submission of application form for Islamabad, Abbottabad and Lahore campus is 22nd July 2016. NTS (NAT) base test will be accepted for admission in CIIT. Special test for Comsats will be help on 31st July 2016. Result awaiting students can also apply. Pakprep.com provides the complete coursework for NTS (NAT) Entry Test. Register here today for FREE to start your Preparation.
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