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Timed NUST Mock Test

You are about to begin the NUST mock test, please ensure that you have prepared well and covered all topics in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English and IQ.

The test is timed for 3 hours, if you do not complete the test in this time, you will be taken to the results page.No information is submitted unless you hit the ‘Finish’ button on the last screen or the test time is over. If your test is interrupted due to any reason, (for example loss of internet connection/load shedding etc) you can take it again.

The test contains 200 questions, the first 60 questions are from Physics and next 80 questions are from Maths, next 30 questions are from Chemistry, next 20 questions are from English and last 10 questions are from IQ section. The answers will be marked as following:

  • +1 for every correct answer
  • 0 for every skipped or wrong answer

When you are ready to begin, click the ‘Start’ button.

Good Luck

Team PakPrep.com